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CCTV - industrial cameras and systems form a significant portfolio of equipment in our company. We provide both the sale of IP cameras and their solutions that will suit you. In our assortment you will find cameras from the world's leading manufacturers of Axis and Samsung cameras.

Digilive s.r.o. deals with complex solutions from basic applications to professional use.

We offer implementation with one security camera eg for guarding entrances, entrances, or small areas. Another option is to create a multi-element camera system to help protect a wider range of events. Last but not least, we are also making proposals for more extensive applications that include the security of entire businesses and cities.

The image transfer is solved using the display unit (monitor). Nowadays, a time of modern technology, it is also possible to watch a recording through mobile applications directly on your mobile phone or tablet.

The captured scene can be recorded on a memory card or transferred to a recording device where it can serve your needs in the future.

An important element of our company is the provision of warranty and post-guarantee services throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics.


Camera systems

 - Cameras from established Axis and Samsung,

 - indoor and outdoor,

 - fixed, rotating, semi-round, miniature and hidden cameras,

 - night vision cameras,

 - cameras equipped with:

   - Motion detection - reduce the frequency of false alarms,

   - Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) - elimination of shocks due to strong wind or vibration of the building,

   - Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) - eliminating blurring of moving objects,

   - P-Iris technology - an image showing better contrast, readability, resolution and depth of field,

   - Defog function - improves image quality in poor weather conditions.


  Provided services

    - design proposals for FREE application implementation,

    - warranty and post-warranty service,

    - preventive CCTV inspections,

    - the ability to maintain analog systems on IP solutions,

    - training you or your attendant.


Software Ateas Security

Ateas Security Software is a comprehensive video surveillance solution for IP camera systems aimed at maximizing the potential of cameras and open standards that delivers extreme performance, simplicity and advanced features. Ateas is the leading Czech product for IP camera security.

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Digilive s.r.o V Humnech 1590 686 04 Kunovice Czech republic
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