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Print solutions

Elegant printing solution for marking pallets, cartons, products. High quality print, abrasion resistance and weathering, and perfect readability the barcode is guaranteed by the use of the thermotransfer printers Zebra that are the world's leader. There is also good quality supplies consumables.


• Barcode Printing
• Print 2D (QR) codes
• Support for Zebra printers
• Network Support
• Easy to use
• User defined print parameters and templates
• in English


Shrink sleeves

Characteristics and Usage: Shrink sleeve labels using the entire packaging area even in demanding product shapes.
Materials: PET film, OPP foil, PVC foil - Shrinkage 60 or 80%
Technologies: UV flexo printing, flexo printing, gravure printing, digital printing
Processing: in rolls or in arches
• Bottom printing ensures the resilience of the theme and the high gloss of the final product
• Partial varnish option to enhance product attractiveness
• Adjustable  position
Application of thermoactive adhesive

In mould labels

Characteristics and Usage: A polypropylene label of various shapes applied to the plastic packaging
at the injection stage becomes an integral part of the packaging.

Materials: White or transparent foil
Technology: UV flexo printing, offset, digital printing
Processing: rotating cut, stacking individual pieces
• The advantage is durability and high quality label printing
• Can be used for direct contact with food
• Production of small and large costs

Self-adhesive labels

Features and Uses: Labels with adhesive, applicable in all industries.
Materials: Self-adhesive material (PP, PE, paper) sandwich material
Technology: UV flexo printing, digital printing, screen printing
Processing: rotary cut, surface treatment in rolls or sheets
• Self-adhesive labels printed, can also be printed in glue, lacquered or laminated
• Standard labels - laser, thermo or thermotransfer labels
• Labels with guiding perforations and marking labels
• Cold or hot cut


We distribute innovative Armor TTR tapes for special thermal transfer printers designed to print barcodes, logos, production labels, and other data. In TTR technology, Armor is the world leader and significantly contributes to the development of barcode technology and industrial labeling for the marking and packaging industry.

Backcoating is a special silicone protective layer applied to the side of the tape that is in direct contact with the printer's printhead. Application of this invisible the layers are very technologically demanding and are proof of the highest technological advances and know-how of the company.

The bACKCOATINg layer has these unique features:
• protects the printhead when unwinding the tape
• Provides excellent thermal conductivity
• Allows transfer of colors to the substrate
• Prevents static generation, which is undesirable for the printer and its users

Wax thermo-transfer tapes achieve good print quality at low thermal energy but have low resistance to abrasion, chemical solvents and high temperatures.
Wax is mainly used for printing paper labels.

Designation: AWR8, AWR470, AWX FH (enriched)
Use, for example: warehouse management, transportation, pharmaceutical industry, retail brands, brands and logos, brands, food industry,
external use, line sorting.

Molded TTR resins have a high resistance to external influences. A prerequisite for this feature is slow printing at maximum heat output.
Perfectly suited for textile and plastic labels in tough conditions.

Designation: AXR 7+, AXR 8, AXR 9 (both super premium)
Uses such as: pharmaceutical packaging, flexible packaging for flexible products, flexible packaging for heat treatment, MO labels,
labels, labels and labels, lab, healthcare, labels, ...

Wet-resin thermo-transfer tapes are a combination of the above-mentioned belts and have a versatile solution for most basic materials.
Marking: APR 6
Use, for example: warehouse management, transportation, pharmaceutical industry, retail brands, brands and logos, brands, food industry,
external use, line sorting.

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